January 20, 2011

On leadership

During my last week back in the office, I’ve had many musings. I wrote an excruciating long article that morphed into a “Dear Fucking Diary”. I trashed it because absolutely nobody, including me, should be subjected to that nonsense.

Yesterday I came across a chart concocted by Coach John Wooden titled, “Pyramid of Success”. I was awestruck as I pondered the Coach’s advice on ensuring success in the world:

Here’s what he states about success:
[click to actually read]

And here is where I think I might possibly be going about it wrong:
[click to actually read]

He also had a list of 12 rules for leadership. I was curious to see how vastly our opinions differed… [click to actually read]

In my not-so humble opinion, success means happiness with yourself wherever you are in the world; the rest of the crap is just hearsay.

Keep writing. It saves lives. 

January 13, 2011

The key to enlightenment

Here are some of the important things I’ve learned:

Shut up and write

Let people off the hook


Do what you want to do and not what you don't want to do




Life presides in each present moment, not the future or the past… the whisking wind, pattering rain and waves crashing repeatedly on the shore – as well as – the annoying co-worker, bumper-to-bumper traffic and long lines at the check out.

Life happens outside of our heads, not all up in the folds of our craniums like a deeply rooted wedgie.

We are nothing but this moment, and then a few more fleeting moments and a few more after that. 

Keep writing. It saves lives.