April 5, 2012

Pre Taboo Tales Prep

I performed at Macha Theatre for my favorite cringe-inducing show in LA, Taboo Tales. It ain't easy getting into this show, so being selected makes my heart sing.

I don't want to post the story because you need to see it in person. Also, I have to clear a few things with Dad.

I will tell you a short story about what it takes to get ready for a performance when you're Simone DeBlasio...

Pre-Show panic attack hit around noon (due to self-sabotaging tactics because I'm insecure as fuck):

I went outside, took some deep breaths and gazed at my all-time favorite flower, the calla lilly - because it looks like a giant heart:

In case you didn't know this, I'm Italian, so I had to do some annoying shit like bleach the man hair on my face (peter missed this part):

I put on TWO face masks because one of anything is never enough:

Next up - the eye patches to remove any inkling that I'm in my 40s:

The dress I squeezed into (thanks, spanx). Winnie was super excited:

My half made-up face, which eye is missing mascara? (i can't tell either because i have the worst fucking eyelashes):

Me adjusting my hair piece (I wear wigs, you would too if you had this hair):


For those who missed the night, my condolences, it was spectacular and I'm humbled to have shared the stage with such brilliant writers, in front of such an amazing audience.

Here's a taste of what you missed:

"I realized I was a little different from other people around the age of ten. It took me a while to figure out because I fit in perfectly with my family."

Keep writing. It saves lives.