August 26, 2013

Don't ask, I'll tell anyway

A friend sent an article, which you can read here: "Don't Ask What I'm Writing"  and it validated so many things for me. It talks about why it's difficult to share our progress with friends, and why it seems like nobody cares. To most maybe it's simple: if you hide away and don't talk to people they're not going to hunt you down and make you talk. But to the insecure, sometimes this feels like being in prison without any visitors.
I think 90% of being a writer (or a human) is learning to overcome insecurity. The remaining 10% is doing whatever it is you want to do––even if you're terrified. Not talking about it, or making a note to do it later, but actually doing it. Like right now (after you finish reading this post).

The three greatest nuggets from the article, and words I live by:

1. Trust a few, necessary voices.
2. Try, as much as possible, to avoid torturing these brave souls with your own insecurities.
3. Shut up and write.

Keep writing. It saves lives.