October 11, 2013

On publishing a book

So, I wrote a book. Well, it's actually my fourth book, but the other three don't count. Well, they do, but not really. They were more like stepping stones. Practice books, if you will.

The process for getting THE CITY CENTER published was long and arduous - but worth ever single second. All the research, planning, outlining, re-writing, editing, re-thinking, re-structuring and finally putting it down for a year until the big idea came to me (this actually happened one morning in church, and yes, i go to church).

The writing part, though grueling, was so much fun. I love making shit up. Much more exciting than my memoir that died a slow and painful death (that's the new title for the memoir). But the toughest part was the marketing plan.

Marketing sucks.

I've been in advertising for twenty years, you think I'd have this down. But I don't. I had to do months of research. I might have read every single article on the internet about self-publishing and marketing. I could write a book about the entire self-publishing process. But I'm not going to. I'm gonna work on the second book in the series THE NEW AGENDA, while simultaneously promoting the current book. Because that's how it's done. So says the internet.

My suggestions to aspiring writers:

1) Write something every day, even if it’s a paragraph.
2) Love everything about writing.
3) Do a TON of research: read books and internet articles, go to seminars, and talk to other authors. (check out the links under 'Stuff For Writers' over to the right - those are some very helpful people)

If you like speculative fiction or dystopian science fiction, check out: THE CITY CENTER!

Keep writing. It saves lives.