May 7, 2014

Why Book Clubs Are So Cool

Earlier this week I drove out to the valley (there's an 80s movie about it) to meet with a book club to discuss The City Center. These ladies have been meeting once a month for the last ten years and have read 155 books. Talk about commitment! They were one of the original book clubs to start inviting authors to join the discussion and have been featured in the news for their devotion to books and authors. I'm honored my book was included in their selection.

The experience was one I'll always cherish and hope to do more of. I loved sitting with the ladies and listening to them catch up with each other, giving updates on their jobs and families. We sat down for dinner and they took turns asking me questions about my book and my writing process.

As I sat among these wonderful women, I realized their monthly gatherings are much more than a book club, they've created a community. Over the years, they've pulled together to navigate the ups and downs of life. They've supported each other through the tough times and cheered each other on through the good ones. Their devotion isn't only about reading the current book selection, it's to each other. They have something really special.

Be sure to visit their website where you can follow their reviews: