October 2, 2014

Why finding a good editor is essential

Did you ever have an intense coach who forced you back on the field? Or a forthright instructor who didn't mince words? I'm sure at one point you've had a boss, teacher or parent sit you down and tell you what you were doing wrong. And hopefully they told you how to fix the problem. At first your ego might've been bruised, but after you got the winning home run or the standing ovation you realized the value of that person.

That's an editor.

The big-picture person who reads your words after you've spent months stringing them together and re-tooling them and running them by other people to make sure you're not completely off the mark. It's essential to work with an editor you trust. Also, you'll want to work with someone who will take the time to explain where the story isn't working and offer solution-oriented suggestions.

Right now my third book (The Mainframe) in the series is with my editor. I checked in with him today to see how things were going and he emailed this:

Scott Tipton hard at work reading The Mainframe

It's also good to find an editor who has an imagination and a sense of humor.

Keep writing. It saves lives.