November 24, 2018

Girl on Mission 2

I sent out my fundraising letters and people are starting to donate, so there's no turning back. I'm going to India.

Over Thanksgiving, I was worried about engaging in conversations. First of all, I'm not a fan of verbal expression. Second of all, I have zero filter so if you ask me a question you're getting the whole truth. I really didn't want to talk about my writing or what's next. And I didn't want to talk about my weirdo missions trip to India because I was convinced my non-Christian friends would not be interested.

But they were!

Everyone I talked to beamed with excitement. They assured me it's going to be life-changing. Friends who have gone. Friends who haven't. So that was encouraging.

Meanwhile, there's my father ...

God love him and his big Italian heart. The man still calls me "his little girl." FYI - I'm old. He's always been over-protective of his kiddos. But for some reason he singled me out. It might have something to do with a dream he had about me dying before my fifth birthday. I'm pretty sure we're probably in the clear. But he worries. So. Much. Worrying.

Regardless of his neurosis, he's supported everything about me (with the exception of a couple categorically horrible decisions in the late 90s). Yet, he worries. About everything. Like me dying before my fifth birthday ...

So, for the next month I can look forward to these sort of messages from my father.

Note: he uses phone dictation, so many of his messages are difficult to decipher.

November 21, 2018

Girl on Mission

So ... I'm going on my very first missions trip this December. To India. The slums of India. Me, the OCD queen, neurotic to the core, control freak, highly sensitive to every single thing, manic depressive. I'm going to a place with A LOT going on as far as an abundance of people, smells, noises, people, germs, humidity, people ...

To be perfectly honest, I really don't want to go. I've never ever wanted to go to India. Even when I was reading Eat, Pray, Love I was like, when is she going back to Italy? But I heard God's call on my heart and He's hard to ignore. Thanks, God!

I'm going with a team of 5 - 6 people. We're visiting the slums of Mumbai and meeting with fellow missionaries to give support and encouragement. Then we're going south to Kerala to visit India Evangelical Mission's campus to spend time with orphans at the Children's Home. 
Between bouts of diarrhea and fits of malaria scares, I'll be spreading God's love to people who need it badly. Sharing my testimony of how loving Jesus has transformed me (by 32%).

To say I'm nervous about this trip is an understatement. I'm kind of terrified. And my left arm is killing me from the Hep-A shot I got yesterday! I have to take typhoid and malaria pills. You guys! Last week, I thought I was dying because I had a stupid cold that wouldn't go away. This is whole next-level shit, right here.

By the way, I signed up for this... 

It's becoming increasingly clear I'll have to rely on God for strength and endurance and divine protection. I don't think this trip could've come at a better time. I'm in a tough season with my writing. My hope tank is empty. Most days I feel like I'm just bidding time until I die and go to heaven to be with Jesus. This sounds horrible. No wonder I'm depressed.

Over the years, I've rarely blogged about my faith or my relationship with Jesus because I feared what other people would think. But what is so wrong about loving Jesus and wanting to share his boundless love with others? This love is so powerful it can change hearts and lives. I've seen this happen in my own life. Right now, not so much. But I'm hoping this trip changes my heart. I'm hoping it breaks me so far out of my comfort zone there's no turning back.

Check back for updates on this crazy Christian's mission from God ...

If your heart is telling you to donate, below is the link. Please put my name in the comments section so we know who you are supporting. Link to fundraising page: